Wings Over Willcox
January 12-16, 2011

Sandhill cranes

The "Wings over Willcox" event is over for 2011, but you can still see the cranes in many areas of Cochise County. Check our Sandhill Cranes page for details.

January 12-16, 2011
Wings over Willcox Birding Event
A Birding and Nature Festival: Birding tours, trade show, seminars and much more. Forty-four tours are available at the Wings over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival to be held from January 12-16 in Willcox, Arizona. Topics include birding, astronomy, farming, photography, ghost towns, archaeology, geology and more. The featured banquet speaker will be Scott Weidensaul presenting "Of a Feather: A (Brief) History of American Birding." Sign up online at the Wings over Willcox website or obtain a free brochure from the Willcox Chamber Office, 1500 N. Circle I Road, Willcox, AZ, 85644.

Also included in the festival is a free Nature Expo January 14-16 at the Willcox Community Center, 312 W. Stewart Street. The Expo will include exhibits with live animals, nature information, nature-related products for sale and more. Special activities are also available for children. Free seminars covering topics on birding, photography, landscaping, cuckoos, bats, odonates, and lizards will be offered January 13-16 at the Willcox Community Center. For information call (520) 384-2272 or visit the WOW  website.

Find out more about sandhill cranes. While you're waiting for the festival you can see sandhill cranes in many locations in Cochise County. They arrive in October and generally remain through February. Check the areas mentioned at the bottom of our sandhill cranes page. The Wings Over Willcox website offers a "Guide to Watching Sandhill Cranes in the Sulphur Springs Valley" and a "Map of Sandhill Crane Viewing Sites" in pdf form. Find the link on this page.

For more information call the Willcox Chamber of Commerce, (520) 384-2272, (800) 200-2272.

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